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PhysioXtra has been providing physiotherapy services to the NSW Central Coast for 15 years.

Central Coast Foot & Ankle Physiotherapy


At Central Coast Foot & Ankle Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on delivering effective treatment to have you back to your full fitness as soon as possible.

Treatment of foot & ankle injuries are what we do best.

Russell Wright is the principle physiotherapist who has extensive experience in treating runner's injuries, foot and ankle surgery rehabilitation, sports injuries, walking pain, chronic foot & ankle complaints and more.

We also treat the rest of the body at Central Coast Foot & Ankle Physiotherapy, because often a foot and ankle pain can be associated or caused by other regions including the knee, hip or lower back. Biomechanical assessment can reveal this and our expertise extends to treatment of the whole lower limb.

Some of the most common conditions we treat are Heel pain, Achilles injuries, Shin pain, Arch pain, Ankle sprains & Knee pain.