Reiki Services / Central Coast

Gaia's Light Reiki Studio


Rest, relax and recharge with Reiki’s gentle energies

If you are stressed, out of balance or just need a boost, then Reiki will help. Sessions are available to fit into your life from Reiki Boost to Reiki Relax and Reiki, Mind, Body and Spirit. We also offer Chakra balancing for those times when life feels off-balance.

If you’ve never experienced Reiki before, why not try Reiki Boost. It’s a 30-minute session which will include an introductory explanation about Reiki and what you can expect from its gentle energies. You will also receive a sample Reiki treatment. Sometimes, the best way to understand something is to try it for yourself.

Perhaps you are already familiar with Reiki and would like to schedule some ‘me time’? I offer a lovely Reiki Relax treatment which lasts 1 hour. When the weather is agreeable we take this session outdoors on our beautiful 2-acre property. Surrounded by nature, you’ll find our location extremely relaxing and you’ll leave feeling ready to take on the world again.

For those called to Reiki on their spiritual journey, the Mind, Body, Spirit Reiki sessions are created with you in mind. These sessions typically last 1hour 30 minutes.

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